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  • Alisa Williams

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

This book was creepy, mysterious, and unputdownable. When Libby Jones turns 25, she inherits a mansion full of secrets. It’s the mansion she lived in as a baby, the mansion where she was found alive upstairs, happy and healthy and well-cared for, while three dead bodies rotted downstairs. And now it’s hers, along with its secrets. As Libby, with the help of a washed-up journalist who covered the story - her story - 25 years ago, unravels the secrets of the mansion and the murders, she has no idea that there are others making their way to her now. People with the answers she’s searching for and more than a few secrets of their own. This book had everything I was hoping for: a twisty-turny mystery that left me off-kilter the whole time, interesting and likeable characters who I was rooting for, and a shocking and disturbing ending that left me wanting more. Plus, with a setting of an old, creepy mansion, I mean, what’s not to love?


This review originally appeared on NetGalley. I received a free Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review of this title.

Alisa Williams is the managing editor of She blogs at, tweets at @AWWritesStories, and bookstagrams at @AllyWritesStories.

Book cover image courtesy of Simon & Schuster.


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