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  • Alisa Williams

Book Review: Muddy the Raccoon Who Stole Dishes

The Science of Virtue by Mark R. McMinn

Muddy: the Raccoon Who Stole Dishes

Written by Griffin Ondaatje and illustrated by Linda Wolfsgruber

NorthSouth Books, 2019

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This picture book written by Griffin Ondaatje and illustrated by Linda Wolfsgruber was a delightful read. Muddy is a mischievous young raccoon who enjoys the finer things in life — namely restaurant food eaten on real dishes. While the other raccoons in his family are content with “normal” raccoon food, Muddy often sneaks off to steal from the restaurant. As his mother often says, Muddy is a picky eater. When his secret is discovered, the raccoons try to make amends by returning all of the plates Muddy stole, but things don’t go quite as they expect.

I loved the illustrations which were beautiful in an understated way and worked well with the storyline. I wasn’t a fan of the font that was used, and thought a better font would have enhanced this otherwise adorable picture book. The story’s ending was a bit abrupt, but made sense with the plot and the nature of raccoons. Overall, this was a very enjoyable book that subtly teaches children about raccoons, their eating habits, and their opportunistic personalities in a fun and approachable way.

This review originally appeared on NetGalley. I received a free Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) in exchange for my honest review of this title.

Alisa Williams is the managing editor of She blogs at, tweets at @AWWritesStories, and bookstagrams at @AllyWritesStories.


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