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Alisa Williams

My name is Alisa Williams and I'm the deputy women's health editor for Giddy, an award-winning sexual health website.

Before Giddy, I served as managing editor of Spectrum Magazine, a non-profit religious journal published by the Adventist Forum and established in 1968.

I have also been a freelance writer and editor for more than 15 years, shaping brands and enhancing communication for numerous companies in a diverse array of sectors including healthcare, education, entertainment, retail, technology, real estate, and more.

I live and work in the Midwest with my husky-shepherd mix, Cera, and three nearly-identical ginger cats, Leo, Winston, and Oliver. I travel the world for both work and fun, but when I'm home you'll find me drinking tea, hiking in the woods, reading a great book, and devouring all the donuts.